About The Fabricants

The Fabricants aims to showcase projects, concepts, ideas, products or services, and portrait artists, entrepreneurs and makers. All projects and people presented in this editorial space show a strong will and talent for well-thought, well-made, empathic and aesthetic projects which benefit others.

Be it a life-changing device, or a little beauty (and major talent!) added to a home decor…

I have been working in brand strategy and communications for 15 years, where I have always managed to broaden scopes. I strongly believe innovation and smart solutions come better and faster when opening towards unexpected areas.

Hence, The Fabricants won’t be categorized. They are all Fabricants. No need to cluster or lable projects and ideas. They all share some characteristics, follow a creative process, encounter ups and downs, and can emulate one another. Moreover, no need to tell the reader which category to go to next, or confine him or her in a particular theme.

Reaserchers, artists, economists, medical devices inventors, education specialists, corporate innovators or side-project-from-home-makers… Just enjoy one Fabricant after another, and let connections occur.


I hope you will enjoy reading about these clever, thourough, and innovative projects as much as I enjoyed discovering them and writing their stories.